Monday, January 13, 2014

A Better Way to Purchase US Paid Traffic

Web traffic buying today is a game of chance for some publishers. They just buy and hope for the best, wishing to get a sale or two. But for wise buyers, it’s a strategy game. In a million-dollar industry riddled with fraud, you have to be a wise buyer or you will get broke. 

Buying traffic, for one, is a good example that being smart will make your campaign right. Knowing who you will be purchasing traffic from, and finding out the traffic sources can help you position your business to the right audience and make your investment worthwhile. But if you play by the chance and just purchase US paid traffic from anybody you even barely know of, you will never go anywhere close to your goals.


Filter Your Traffic by Audience


Having a lot of people in your site can be overwhelming. But you should not be contented with that. For marketers, traffic is nothing if it does not convert into profits. Therefore, focus on getting the right people to your website when buying traffic from third parties

Unfortunately, many paid traffic firms are scam. Some will not give you targeted visitors but general traffic. Others are even worse; they will send traffic bots that trick Analytics and stat tools in considering bots visit as one visit count, thereby deceiving the numbers of hits to your site.

Due to the massive numbers of agencies and fraudsters involved in such scam, the industry is tinted with bad reputation. It’s no wonder why many people would recommend against buying traffic. The risk is simply high that you will more likely to end up in losses instead of obtaining gains from your investment if you are not a wise buyer with insufficient knowledge of the bumps in the industry.

But on a brighter side, you can now quickly tell if the traffic firm is really up to the tasks of giving you targeted website visitors. Just look for the filters that allow you to customize your traffic by source, and let you obtain US paid traffic if you are mainly or solely positioning your site to US audiences for higher conversion rate. 

By getting the right people seeing your contents, you will also increase your engagement with them. This can help you build relationship with your readers. Some of them will start following your blog by subscribing to your feeds, thereby growing your loyal RSS subscribers that guarantee higher page views for your future posts.


Customize Your Visitors by Interest


Another filter that you should look for is interest, sometimes referred to as categories. It’s not enough to filter your traffic by country; you will still get general visitors from the United States. But by adding an additional filter that allow you to choose the niche or the common interests of your visitors, you will be able to position your site to a more specific audience, thereby boosting further your click-through-rate and conversion

So if you are in the home improvement industry, this filter warrants that your traffic will be coming from this niche, and you will not get visitors from other niches like technology, fashion, finance, and health, among others. Although not 100% of the visitors will be targeted to your specific niche, but most of them are.

In a nutshell, a better way to purchase US paid traffic is to be a smart buyer by knowing who you will be transacting with for your traffic needs. While the paid traffic industry is littered with fraud, you can easily weed out the malevolent companies from the genuine ones by looking at the signs.